Summer Anime Season – Part 1

Well it’s the time of year when the new animes come out. Usually short series of a mere 13 episodes or so come out during the mid-Spring season which is right now. Here is a brief look at 3 of the animes i’ve seen thus far. Will you try them? Will you watch them? The decision is up to you.

haruhi 2As for the first anime I bring you the second season of the most anticipated anime of the year to return The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu). This can’t be so much said as a second season but a second helping. Much like the jumbled order of the first season the second season is loosely fitted among a retelling of the first season which has been playing for quite some time, but actually in order. The first episode of the second season is in true Haruhiism style. It is so far the more recent episodes that make it fall flat.

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Reopening, Yes it is!

After almost 2 years of inactivity I have decided to reopen this site. But it’s not going to be how I originally intended. Originally I planned to showcase animes before they made it out in subbed format. With everything I am doing and am interested in that is just too much work. For now on I am going to talk about manga and anime in a more general form. That is I will review things I like and don’t like. I might talk about something in the anime/manga fandom that I feel is news worthy. I hope you enjoy whatever it is that I post.

 ~ mata aimashou (see you later)

Lovely Complex Ep 11


Episode 11 starts out where we left off from the end of 10 and changes quickly to Risa playing a dating sim game. Cain her ideal boyfriend from the game makes her faint as her friends come into the room. Everyone goes off to the New Years festivities and meet up with the guys. At first Risa is still mad about Christmas but as soon as she sees Otani her heart melts. Risa wishes for the new year to be filled with happiness, perhaps a little too extremly, and after Otani saying it was funny they get into a fight. The groups of couples split off and Otani and Risa decided to go sing some Umibozu karaoke.

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Site Re-opened

This site is now going to be updated once again. The first anime that’ll be updated today is Lovely Complex episode 11. I’ll be updating this anime as well as maybe some others i’m wathcing that my old favorite blogs don’t seem to be covering 🙂 

Perfect Girl Evolution (Yamato Nedeshiko Shichihenge) Ep01


Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge may also be known to you as it was to me as either Perfect Girl Evolution or The Wallflower. The story is of 4 bishounen who are forced to turn a gothic girl, Sunako into a lady.  The story stats out where the 4 guys are talking about how Sunako is suposed to be at the house soon. In a flashback we see that Sunako’s aunt is the owner of the house the guys are staying in and she promises them free rent if they can turn Sunako into a lady and if they can’t they have to pay triple the price. Of’course this is a real motivation for free rent until they have a quite scary introduction with Sunako who is more like the girl from The Ring than the princess they imagined.

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Tokimeki Memorial Ep01


The story of Tokimeki Memorial is actually a sequel to an original OVA which is based off of a game. This is the story of Riku Aoba who transfers into a new school. The school as told by the chairwomen celebrates “freedom” and that is something he will soon figure out. When Aoba goes into his homeroom class he is surprised that all the students are wearing animal ears and horns, and they all welcome him a little too happily. Just like the students the teachers are odd as well. The chemistry teacher likes doing experiments on his students, the lit teacher is practically dying infront of them but still continues on with his lecture, and the music teacher looks to be a drag queen. Yet through all this craziness Aoba finds a radiant beauty in the school known as Sayuri Amamiya.

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Hino Matsuri 樋野まつり (Works)


One of my current favorite manga-ka is Hino Matsuri. She was originally a bookstore owner who decided to become a manga artist. Two of her titles have been picked up by VIZ Media: MeruPuri and Vampire Knight. She is known for drawing very good-looking bishies (male characters).

MeruPuri – A simple girl named Airi dreams of nothing more than a handsome boyfriend who will be a good husband. Her simple life is changed dramatically when the young prince Aram comes out of a mirror that has been in Airi’s family for generations. As Airi takes care of the prince until someone comes to get him she discovers that Aram has a spell on him that turns him into a teenager whenever he is exposed to darkness. He may look like an adult but Aram is afterall just a child on the inside, even if he is a prince. This is a romantic-comedy of fairytale proportions.

Toraware no Minoue – Kuroshi Megumi was living the good life all thanks to the disappearance of the Kougami family who his family had served for generations. Now that an heir has been discovered Megumi’s family has to go back to serving this heir just like all his ancestors. What Megumi didn’t know was that he was cursed to serve them. Many years ago his ancestor the legendary “Black Cat” stole a scroll from the Kougami family and their ancestor spirit put the curse on the Kuroshi family. As Megumi starts having feelings for her, they must ask themselves is it true or is it the curse.

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Angel Diary (Series)

angeldiary1.jpgAngel Diary is one of the first manhwas to come out of the new (as of Nov 2005) publisher Ice Kunion. At first glance the larger size of the pages may be a turnoff but don’t let that keep you from discovering their titles. Angel Diary was created by the same people who brought you Demon Diary, go figure right, but the two stories are unrelated. Angel Diary is everything that was good about Demon Diary only better.

The story of Angel Diary is that of Dong-Young, a princess of Heaven who escaped an arranged marriage with the King of Hell and is now hiding out on Earth as a 17 year old boy. She attends high school where many of the students are not normal either. She is friends with Bi-Wal who is often confused by people as her boy-boy lover for their closeness. She is watched over by two guardians of heaven, who attend the school as well.  Dong-Young has her share of problems when she is possessed by a crazy ghost at the school and is saved by two classmates, the other guardians of heaven who are actually searching for the escaped princess but don’t know it’s Dong-Young. In fact no one suspects her to actually be the princess except Bi-Wal who is up to something.

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Beauty Pop (Series)

beautypop1.jpgBeauty Pop is a recently new title added by VIZ Media to their Shoujo Beat line of girls manga. Currently I can’t deduce what the genre is other than just shoujo and comedy. The main female lead, Kiri who could care less about the schools ever so popular Scissors Project, a club made up of good looking males who all know how to glamour up a girl. The head of the S.P. is a guy named Narumi who has high confidence in his skills but still is quite picky with the girls he chooses to makeover. Kiri overhears a conversation between a girl and one of the S.P. members who tells her she couldn’t be made pretty. The girl was actually intending to confess her feelings for the guy instead of asking for a makeover which he believed to be the case. Kiri ends up giving the girl a makeover. Now the S.P. knows they have a rival on their hands at the school, who in fact may be better than Narumi.

And so Kiri goes around masquerading as a character known as X fixing up the girls that the S.P. deems impossible to make beautiful.

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What’s this all about?

Well I said this wasn’t going to be another anime blog and honestly I haven’t figured what that is yet. I believe this blog will cover both manga and anime since most blogs out there only cover anime right now. I’m also probably going to be writing about animes when they are subbed for quite sometime until I get back in the mode of watching original japanese format.


July 2020